Persian Blinds : Ongoing study #2 (2017-present)

Persian blinds, projection, spectator(s)


Passing through the slits of the shutters, the projected image is both shattered and doubled. What happens behind them is revealed or hidden, fully merged with the projection or distinctly separated. The rotating slats are influencing visibility but also can catch the light and generate shifting spaces and corridors of light. The projections mirrored on them are reflected as ghostly lines that resemble water reflections.
The back side of the blinds carries the projected image in a different way. What appears is a severely obscured version of the image; what is allowed to be delivered through the slats as shimmering patches of light composes a more abstracted, impressionistic picture. Taking distance from the surface allows for somewhat reducing the blurriness, like squinting your eyes, but never reaching a point of totally apprehending what you see.